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Auditions for Kimberly Akimbo

Auditions for Kimberly Akimbo

Friday, March 2, 2018 at 7 PM – 10 PM

Belmont Little Theatre

Public · Hosted by Verge Theater Company

Please join Verge Theater Company for auditions March 1st or March 2nd at the Belmont Little Theatre.

Email to submit your headshot and resume, receive a time slot and sides, and ask any relevant questions.

A small stipend is available. Six shows total to go up in repertory with The Flick during the month of June.

Character break down below.

Kimberly Levaco: Female. Seeking actress in her 60’s to play this 16 year old girl. Any race/ethnicity. Whip-smart, dry-witted, yearning. Dying. 

Kimberly wants to be seen and heard by the people she loves. She is unafraid to speak the truth or her mind, and does not shy away from connecting with others.

Jeff McCracken: Masculine presenting, trans and non-binary individuals encouraged. Teens-20’s. Any race/ethnicity. Awkward, kind, excitable. Jeff is a sixteen year old still trying to figure life out. Huge nerd. Like DnD and anagrams level nerd. Somewhat tactless, but always well meaning.

Buddy Levaco: Male. 30’s-40’s. Any race/ethnicity. Well-meaning, insecure, jokester. Buddy cannot be depended on, though he does not see himself in the slightest as someone who is not trustworthy. A bit of a lovable lump.

Pattie Levaco: Female. 30’s-40’s. Any race/ethnicity. Earnest, hopeful, anxious. Pattie seeks validation through her role as wife and mother, and short of that, is somewhat unsure of her identity. Fears the inevitable to the point of selfishness.

Debra Watts: Feminine presenting, trans and non-binary individuals encouraged. 30’s. Any race/ethnicity. Brash, persistent, affectionate. Pattie’s sister is her foil. An ex-con and drifter, Debra is seeking one last job before retirement. She is convinced she is still the reigning cool kid.

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