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Auditions for The Flick

Auditions for The Flick

Feb 26, 2018 at 7 PM – Feb 27, 2018 at 10 PM

Belmont Little Theatre

Public · Hosted by Verge Theater CompanyBrooke Muriel Ferguson and Laramie Hearn

Please join Verge Theater Company for auditions Feb. 26th or 27th at the Belmont Little Theatre.

Email to submit your headshot and resume, receive a time slot and sides, and ask any relevant questions.

A small stipend is available.

Character break down below.

The Flick by Annie Baker

Produced by Verge Theater

Verge Theater will produce Annie Baker’s Pulitzer prize-winning play, THE FLICK at the Belmont Black Box Theater June, 2018.

 Set in a falling-apart, single-screen movie theater in 2012, THE FLICK tells the story of a young African-American cinema lover who takes a job in a theater to combat his growing disillusionment with the world and people who let him down. At The Flick, he is trained by Sam, a funny, unambitious man in his mid-30s and Rose, the rebellious projectionist that Sam longs for. Baker’s naturalistic play focuses on those left sweeping up popcorn after the credits run out—our poor and our youth—in this play about the dreams we all hold.


Avery: African-American male. 20. Raised in Massachusetts. He is extremely intelligent, educated and well spoken. He loves the movies and displays the enthusiasm and idealism of youth. He perhaps suffers from a lack of confidence elsewhere in his life. He is trying to work beyond a history of depression. He is sensitive, has an artistic temperament and is a good listener. He wants to believe in happy endings.

Sam: Caucasian, 35 year old male from Worchester, Massachusetts. Affable, funny. He’s a great storyteller and likes to be seen as “in charge”. He loves the Red Sox, heavy metal and Rose, the projectionist. He’s certainly living in the moment and can become quickly enthusiastic about the small things that dispel his boredom with work and life. He is very likeable, with great comedic timing. He feels a deep connection and sense of responsibility for THE FLICK, which is his full-time job. Despite a big heart and lots of bluster, he’s terrified to go after what he wants.

Rose: Caucasian, 24. Sexually magnetic and rebellious, Rose is a very armored person who feigns indifference and cynicism. She is non-conformist and didn’t grow up with a lot of money. She is very tactical in getting what she wants, and she’s used to being self-reliant. She loves distractions from reality. She also enjoys being the center of attention as she looks to others to feel valued. She’s a good dancer; she makes it look cool.

Skylar/The Dreaming Man – 20s – 60s. As Skylar he is another theater employee who is quick, efficient and used the routine. Does his own thing. They both do.

These roles have a paid stipend, but are not AEA eligible at this time. Verge is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to diversity and inclusion. Actors of color, with physical disabilities and varied sexual orientation are encouraged to audition.

Director Jaclynn Jutting is a freelance director, working out of Nashville and Chicago, and the Director of the B.F.A. Directing program at Belmont University. Directing credits include Sea Wall (OZ Arts), The Amish Project (Actors Bridge/BU), the Jeff-nominated production of The Seagull (Eclectic), The Whale and The Nina Variations (Verge), among others. As the former Associate Artistic Director of Vitalist Theatre, she directed The Ghost Is Here, The Bay at Nice and Mother Courage and Her Children (as Associate Director), which won an After Dark Award for Best Direction. As Assistant Director, Jaclynn worked with Tony-award winner Mary Zimmerman on her adaptation of Candide (Goodman). Jaclynn also taught at Northwestern University, where she received her M.F.A. in Directing. 

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